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An investment into quality roller shutters Perth can provide numerous benefits to improving the comfort, security and value of your property.

Whether or not you are wanting to increase your home security, reduce external noise, or you may wish to weather proof your greatest asset, we are recognised as the premier roller shutters Perth specialists for a variety of reasons.

The range of eco-friendly roller shutters we offer is built to withstand the Western Australian climate. Thanks to high grade aluminium which comes fully insulated with high density polyurethane material, also making them sturdy to provide a reliable form of home/business security.  

We are recognised as the premier roller shutters Perth specialists for a variety of reasons:
Roller Shutters Perth - Shutter Co WA


We understand that each property is uniquely different so we provide a variety of flexible control options across our range of roller shutters Perth installations.

When it comes to Manual Pull Strap and Manual Winder installations, the tape used in the installation is visible and can be seen.

Other installations such as Electric (Hard Wired), Remote Control and Spring Loaded installs tend to hide this tape within the wall cavity which provides a cleaner/tidier finish.


With so many options to choose from, how do you know which roller shutter is the most suitable to your needs? 

Expert advice from the roller shutters Perth specialists


With so many options to choose from, how do you decide which roller shutters are the most suitable to your needs? We’ve provided some information below but if you wish to ask us for guidance, we welcome you to Contact Us and we will be more than happy to assist you.


Which roller shutter is the right fit for you?


Manual Roller Shutters

Our Manual Roller Shutters come with a 10-year guarantee on installation due to their highly technical installation method, popular mostly for smaller windows.


Spring-loaded Roller Shutters

If, however, you are running a shop front, kiosk, canteen or factory, our spring-loaded roller shutter options are best suited due to their flexible, economical and visual benefits.


Remote Control Roller Shutters

Are you looking at more of a premium option, such as Remote Control Roller Shutters ? You will enjoy the ease-of-use you get from having portable control to being able to open/close up to 16 shutters with just a single remote.


Electric Roller Shutters

The installation of Electric Roller Shutters also introduces a more cost efficient and energy efficient option, with these motors taking full advantage of German engineering at its very best, backed up by a 5-year guarantee.


As leaders in the roller shutters Perth market, we will always work with you to look at what works best for your space and budget, to ensure your controller is ideally suited to your needs.

Browse our range of roller shutter types options

Roller Shutters Rockingham

Remote Control

Roller Shutters Mandurah

Electric Roller Shutter

Roller Shutters Madeley

Manual Roller Shutter

Spring Loaded


Thanks to the high grade aluminium used to manufacture each roller shutter, you can rely on our products for a strong, reliable and safe form of home/business security, protecting your property from intruders, vandals or unwanted guests. Apart from the visual deterrent of installing sturdy roller shutters Perth, there are also numerous features built in to our products which are designed for maximum security, making it an important security investment.

One of these features include an automatic locking mechanism which locks into place when the roller shutters Perth are fully closed, making it impossible to lift and impenetrable for intruders.

Another feature is the bottom security bar which prevents the shutters from being pulled away from the window thanks to a robust piece of extruded aluminium which sits at the bottom of the curtain, adding another dimension of sturdiness to an already secure product. We can even install a heavy-duty side rail to add a further level of stability to the rolling shutter if you want additional peace of mind.

Roller Shutters Perth | Shutter Co WA

Roller Shutters Perth Benefits:

Your very own safety guard



Insulation and temperature within your property, helping to retain heat inside on colder days, whilst projecting harsh sunlight in the warmer months to ensure your home is kept to a temperature that is comfortable for you and your family.



Light Control   – Thanks to flexible designs, your roller shutters Perth allow you to fully control the amount of sunlight that enters your property. The system is based on how far you open/close the mechanism, as well as perforated holes between the slats which provide the ability for dimly-lit rooms or filtered light.



Noise control due to the introduction of insulating Polyurethane material within each slat which helps to significantly shield your property from external noises or interruptions, with tests revealing external noises are reduced by up to 50%.



Weather protection during extreme weather conditions such as storms, rain, hail or the severe wind which regularly damages properties during the winter months. As windows often become a target during such conditions, it pays to have yours guarded by the protection of a roller shutter which will protect your delicate glass and property entries.



Ventilation and privacy thanks to slat designs which allow for a controlled amount of air and sunlight to penetrate through the slats, giving you complete control to set the mood however you please. This is ideal for evaporative air-conditioners which rely on airflow to be fully effective, whilst you also being able to control the amount of sunlight which gets through. Please note, in order to fully close the roller shutters Perth, these perforated holes must be fully closed.



Through product testing and research, we’ve ascertained that our roller shutters Perth have the ability to improve the thermal insulation of your property by up to 45%, leading to savings of up to 10% in primary fuel consumption from your heating system.



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Security doors are a must for Perth residents. Perth roller shutters. Perth’s leading company is Shutter Co WA, offering peace of mind for customers looking for shutters in perth.

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