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Protect your business & investments with our Perth commercial roller shutters


We understand the importance of a safe, secure, and protected workplace. After years of experience in the industry, we are seen as the premier commercial roller shutters Perth specialists. Not only are our commercial installations viable security solutions, but they also act as a visual deterrent to unwanted guests–guarding against vandalism and trespassing.


Having worked with a range of businesses in all shapes and sizes, we have tailored our specialty products to a wide variety of commercial operations including;

  • Retail shopfronts
  • Reception counters and kiosks
  • Medical and dental practices
  • Cafes, fast food outlets and restaurants
  • Commercial warehouses 
  • Mobile businesses/vehicles

… as well as a host of other commercial applications.


When you operate a business, security is a crucial investment to protect not only your business assets (equipment, stock, supply and merchandise) but it also helps to provide a visual deterrent, whilst also protecting the invaluable staff members who work behind the scenes to keep your business moving. Our commercial roller doors come with a reinforced pelmet box which prevents the shutter from being lifted once it is locked into place, alongside a strong side rail which protects the mechanism from being lifted away from the wall. With this added level of security, you can rest assured that our products are built to last.


Place your trust in a Shutter Co WA commercial roller shutter installation that will ensure your business is protected by the best and prepared for the worst.

Commercial roller doors built to protect your business



An unfortunate risk of running a business within Western Australia, is the exposure to extreme temperatures which can result in bushfires, as well as both domestic and commercial fires caused by flammable liquids, gas leakages, household accidents and electrical faults. This risk is all too common for business owners, which is why we have introduced a range of commercial roller doors which have been built to withstand these risks, a product known as Sentry Fireshield.


This ground-breaking product has undergone numerous testing with the CSIRO, where results have shown Sentry Fireshield to withstand a maximum radiant heat exposure of 40kw/m2 after 60 minutes. Further testing has also shown the product to handle a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) of 40, without ever catching fire – a proven example of a product that you can trust.


Additional features include:


  • 40mm curved profile
  • manufactured to the highest standards
  • clean and stylish
  • durable/fade-resistant
  • enhanced security and strength
  • powder coated in your own choice of colour
  • choose from Interpon coatings or a natural anodised finish


Whilst all of our roller shutters are built to withstand the potentially harsh Australian climatic conditions all year round, we offer an additional level of protection for our premium commercial roller shutters Perth installations. This product is known as Stormshield and as the name suggests, is designed to protect you from stormy, blustery conditions thanks to sturdy, high-density foam (HDF) materials successfully tested to withstand up to category 3 cyclones.


Business owners will enjoy the flexibility of either restrained or unrestrained options, with the unrestrained option allowing the use of standard materials where additional strength, security and stability is required.


Alongside the obvious benefit of stability and protection from the elements, another popular reason behind the investment into Stormshield shutters is their added level of insulation, light control and flexibility, making these an ideal commercial roller doors installation to suit any business with an outdoor area which requires this level of care and attention.


Additional features include:


  • extra strength and security
  • minimal flex
  • Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) 40
  • heavy-duty axle and bearing
  • restrained inserts and guides
  • light control
  • optional powder coating
  • designed to withstand category 3 cyclones
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How to replace your old system with our commercial roller doors?


We offer a removal service for new installations, where our highly skilled team are qualified in the professional removal of old security bars/installations to make way for your new commercial roller doors (please note terms and conditions apply).


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