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Durable, weather proof roller shutters are an essential component in any home or business installation within the harsh Australian climate, which is where our aluminium roller shutters Perth installations come into play, with a host of colours and styles to choose from.  

We service both the residential and commercial markets, where our aluminium installations are typically common for properties that are within close proximity to the coast. Whilst rust is a common risk for this type of installation, we have worked hard to source marine-grade aluminium material which protects our customers from rust for up to 10 years, whilst providing a robust and stylish look to suit a range of properties.

What are the benefits of installing aluminium  roller shutters?


A notable benefit of aluminium roller shutters is their durable nature, supported by a sturdy mechanism which is built to withstand extreme temperatures and conditions, including coastal winds, sea spray, salt build up and stormy conditions. Whilst the side frames, guides, pelmets and slat curtains are all made from marine-grade aluminium, the screws, staples and other fixings are also complimented by marine-grade stainless steel, making this popular choice of roller shutter, an ideal choice for many households and businesses across the Perth metropolitan area.

We understand that protecting your windows and entrances is a vital aspect of property security, which is why we have developed the right materials and mechanisms to place us firmly at the forefront of the industry, where we are now recognised as the aluminium roller shutters Perth experts after having helped countless clients find their perfect solution.


Research has shown that windows are a common cause of heat escaping your family home, with as much as 40% of all internal heat potentially leaving through open/closed windows, increasing your reliance on home appliances such as heaters or reverse cycle air conditioners.

An additional benefit of our aluminium roller shutters is their insulation capabilities thanks to poly urethane material within the slats themselves, adding to the strength, thickness and durability of our products, to ensure you are protected from extreme climatic conditions. This also adds to the longevity of the products, ensuring your investment lasts the test of time, with minimal maintenance and maximum functionality. With this added level of quality, you will also be able to control the amount of light that penetrates through your windows, meaning additional privacy from unwanted external attention, whilst creating the perfect mood and atmosphere in your family abode or commercial business.

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Trust the Aluminium Roller Shutters Perth experts

We have been around for over 10 years, working with a host of installations to establish ourselves as the aluminium roller shutters Perth specialists and to put it simply, we love what we do. We stand behind our products with a 10-year warranty, backed by a team of professionals who are well-versed and experienced in working closely with you to ensure you get the perfect solution.

Additional features in our aluminium roller shutters include:

  • protection from harmful UV rays
  • noise/light cancellation from outside disturbances
  • boosted privacy in your home or business
  • added security to keep your assets safe
  • improved energy efficiency thanks to ventilation/insulation protection
  • weather protection during extreme conditions


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