Why You Should Invest in Perth Roller Shutters

High-quality roller shutters are becoming increasingly popular in Perth homes of all shapes and sizes—and for good reason.

If you’re looking for something to protect your home without compromising on its look or feel, roller shutters will deliver the goods.

Intrigued? Here we look at the reasons why Perth roller shutters will make an excellent investment for your home while guiding you through our installation success process.

Let’s go.


A roller shutter is basically a vertically rolling system that acts like an external blind or curtain. Sturdy, robust, and protective, roller shutters make an excellent investment for any Perth home—and here’s why:

– Security: Roller shutters are produced with high-grade aluminium, making them incredibly strong, sturdy, and excellent for increased home security. Investing in roller shutters will make your home safer and more secure, offering you peace of mind in the process.

– Noise protection: Whether you’re bothered by a busy road, rowdy neighbours or the ambient sounds of the great Western Australian outdoors, quality roller shutter blinds offer effective noise reduction which will make your home far more peaceful—say goodbye to sleepless nights.

– Climate resistance: Crafted with top-grade eco-friendly materials (ours certainly are), any good roller shutters are built to last. The climate in Perth can be a little extreme or unpredictable at times and roller blinds will offer you increased protection against the elements.

– Energy savings: As quality roller blinds are made with insulating yet breathable materials, you will save money on your energy bills without compromising on ventilation in your home. A real win-win.

– Home value: Another bonus of installing roller shutters is that if you invest in the right ones, you can actually increase the value of your property—a savvy investment that will pay off in the long run.


Now that you know why roller shutters make a wise investment, let’s walk through our roller shutter installation process.

You can take on the task of installing roller shutters yourself—but for the best results, opting for the services of qualified local experts is advised.


To get the Perth roller shutter installation process off to the best possible start, choosing the right blinds for your home or property is essential.

Here the main types of high-quality, eco-friendly roller shutters we offer:

– Manual roller shutters.

– Spring-loaded roller shutters.

– Remote control roller shutters.

– Electric roller shutters.

To explore our roller options in more detail and pick the right product for your needs, check out the ‘choosing the right shutter’ section of our definitive installation guide.


Once you’ve picked your dream roller shutter, you can get in touch with us for a free assessment and quote.

Based on your potential choices, the number of shutters you require, and the particulars of the job itself (we will look at the property, access, dimensions, and other details to tailor everything to your exact needs), we will advise you on the process and offer you a fair, competitive quote.


If you’re happy for us to proceed, we will work out a roller shutter installation date that suits you (usually within two weeks of booking).

On the big day, our team of qualified roller blind installation professionals will arrive at your property and complete the job with care, accuracy, and precision. And, the best part is—your shiny new roller shutters will be backed by our 10-year ShutterCowa guarantee.


As our roller shutters and blinds are typically made bespoke, and we tailor the installation process to the specific needs of our customers, our costs do vary. But, what we can assure is a price that is not only competitive but is tailored to you.

Our roller shutters are built to go the distance, they offer an excellent return on investment. To offer as much value to our customers as possible, we offer free and flexible finance options so you can spread the costs.

As Perth’s most trusted roller shutter specialist, we do everything we can to offer genuine value and peace of mind—in other words, we always get the job done (and done right).

If you would like to invest in roller blinds for your Perth home or property, we can help. Call us on 1300 291 061 or fill out the form for a FAST free quoteWe look forward to working with you.


We invite you to contact us today so our friendly team can walk you through the various options available to you.